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Our JL Lid will be available soon and we want to celebrate by offering this discount to all of you JK Jeepers. Get it now and let the sky in!

  • The ClearLidz™ is 100% transparent
  • The ClearLidz™ durable structure is completely weather sealed 
  • The ClearLidz™ provides UV protection with custom formulated polycarbonate 
  • The ClearLidz™ is manufactured at this time to fit Jeep JK/JKU models 2007 through 2018. 
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The clear Jeep JK hard top by ClearLidz ™ is made in North America

When you’re rolling along in off-road or mountain-side in your Jeep Wrangler JK, it could easily be your most prized possession–but is it complete?

The clear Jeep JK hard top from ClearLidz™ simplifies the trip ahead for those times when a moonroof isn’t going to cut it. Easy-on, easy-off installation and UV protection of our clear Jeep shade top keeps you cool in the cockpit as you launch your next off-road or on-road adventure.

High-Tech Polycarbonate Repels Heat

Our USA manufacturer specializes in the fabricating and forming of polycarbonate and acrylic windows, advanced composites, thermoformed plastics, metal forming, and vinyl graphic printing. Additionally, they have chops and deep roots in the high-performance automotive racing industry. Our team are leading experts in manufacturing large and intricate composite windshields and body panels utilizing structural integrity and aesthetic quality in look and feel. They also develop products in multiple high-impact industries from specialty automotive and aerospace to defense.

Wavelength visible to the human eye is roughly 380 to 750 nanometers.

Totally blocking all UV, you see that on the chart below, the ClearLidz™ is flatlined at 400 nm.

Outside Temp 105.5 F | Under the ClearLidz™ 80.5 F

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 3 in


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