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You love your Jeep’s all-terrain handling and can-do attitude in every environment, whether you’re four-wheeling in the dirt, taking it off-road for a mountain-top trek, or exploring the city lights. Why shouldn’t you have the full experience? Well, now you can. 

The shatterproof Clearlidz™ Jeep Wrangler Panoramic Freedom style top

Wrangler clear top is a polycarbonate, UV-filtering, transparent hardtop that can easily replace the standard Freedom Panels or replace the soft-top hassle on your JK, and coming soon, your JL, or JT Jeep. Our Jeep Wrangler Panoramic Freedom style top provides the ability to revel in the full wonder of the night sky in stunning 180° visibility while exploring rocky mountainside roads, navigating glittering skyscrapers out on the town, or just taking in more view without regard for blistering rays, surprise showers, piercing sleet or driving snow.

With a ClearLidz™ Jeep Wrangler clear top, nothing’s standing between you and great outdoors. Isn’t that why you bought a Jeep in the first place? 

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ClearLidz™ Top Features

Durability/Weight – Jeep ClearLidz™ tops are made of tough polycarbonate material of the type normally used for jet fighter canopies, making them resilient and durable. Lightweight and bulletproof, the Jeep ClearLidz™ jeep top stands up to small falling projectiles on trails where the unknown factor reigns, letting you focus on the trail ahead. This flexible material stands up to 12,500 pounds of compression per square inch! All this makes the Jeep ClearLidz™ the best (and only) 180-degree-view, transparent hard top for Jeep on sale today.

UV Protection / Temp. Control – Jeep ClearLidz™ tops are high-tech gear, designed with UV-filtering inhibitors that slow down heat build-up dramatically, keeping the interior temperature of your Jeep cooler in the blistering sun. Glare is cut down by allowing only 16% of available light through. Now, you don’t have to bake in the glaring sunshine to enjoy the view overhead.

Easy Installation – Installing your Jeep ClearLidz™ jeep top is a breeze. Lightweight and easy to handle, this top allows for its easy installation and removal. You’re literally ready to fly in minutes, not hours. No other top offers this kind of easy-on / easy-off convenient installation experience.

Clear Visibility – No other jeep top around offers this level of on-road visibility. Jeep lovers know the premium value of going topless and the weather hazards that come with the topless Jeep mode. Now you can take on driving rain, sleet or snow and experience the thrill of 180-degree views without skipping a beat. Nothing’s gonna stand between you and the view, on or off-road.

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