ClearLidz™ for Jeep TJ

//ClearLidz™ for Jeep TJ

ClearLidz™ for Jeep TJ


  • The ClearLidz™ clear Jeep TJ top is fully transparent
  • The ClearLidz™strong structure is fully weather tight
  • The ClearLidz™custom formulated polycarbonate provides UV protection
  • The ClearLidz™is currently manufactured to fit Jeep TJ models 1997 through 2006.
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ClearLidz™ clear Jeep TJ top is made in North America

You love going topless in your Wrangler TJ with the blissful breeze in your hair and the warm sun on your face. Oh, the freedom! But, let’s face it, sometimes the weather turns. No fear. We have the perfect marriage of that outdoor bliss feeling with convenient weather protection in the form of our TJ clear Jeep Wrangler ClearLidz™

High-Tech Polycarbonate Reduces Heat from UV Rays

Proudly made in the USA and manufactured by an expert team focused on the forming and fabrication of polycarbonate and acrylic windows, they also cover thermoformed plastics, advanced composites, vinyl graphic printing, and metal forming. With deep experience in the high-performance automotive racing industry, our manufacturing process team specialize in the production of large, complex composite body panels and windshields built for structural integrity and aesthetic quality.

Visible wavelength for the human eye is roughly from 380 to 750 nanometers.

Looking at the chart you see that ClearLidz™ is flatlined at 400 nm, totally blocking all UV.

Outside Temp 105.5 F | Under the ClearLidz™80.5 F

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Weight 55 lbs


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