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  • FREE SHIPPING Our JL Lid will be available soon and we want to celebrate by offering this discount to all of you JK Jeepers. Get it now and let the sky in!
    • The ClearLidz™ is 100% transparent
    • The ClearLidz™ durable structure is completely weather sealed 
    • The ClearLidz™ provides UV protection with custom formulated polycarbonate 
    • The ClearLidz™ is manufactured at this time to fit Jeep JK/JKU models 2007 through 2018. 

  • Now accepting orders for the Clearlidz JL/JT Panoramic Freedom Top. Anticipated delivery dates – March 2020 JL/JLU/JT/JTU Clearlidz price is $1,399.  FREE shipping included!
    • The ClearLidz™ is completely transparent
    • The ClearLidz™ is fully weather proof
    • The ClearLidz™ provides complete UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun
    • The ClearLidz™ will fit your Jeep JL, JLU or JT, JTU models from 2018+