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Jeep Wrangler Freedom Top vs ClearLidz

Just imagine that you’re exploring the snow-capped mountains in your four-wheeler on a breezy sunny day with the top off.  If only it could last, right? As we all know, the weather doesn’t always play along. Wouldn’t it be great not to have top bother with changing your top for a rain shower or to escape prolonged exposure to the blistering sun?

If you’ve ever gone on a trip in your Jeep, you already know about the importance of Jeep top options on the road. Primarily there are hard tops, soft tops, freedom tops, and ClearLidz, – all of them having their own advantages. A lot of fun options are available and there are several specialty top manufacturers to choose from, like the Smittybilt 4-Door Bowless Soft Black Diamond Back Top for the Wrangler JK or their Premium Soft Top With Tinted Windows 4-Door model, as well as the Quadratop Premium Sailtop Soft Top. Then there’s the Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top and the Bestop Header Safari Bikini Top. And, of course, the Sierra Offroad Jeep Wrangler TJ Soft Top 97-02 in Black Denim with Tinted Windows. All good options, but as we know, soft tops wear down and the mechanical aspects can breakdown in functionality.

There are several things one must consider before selecting an ideal choice for long-term use. A Jeep Wrangler freedom top that works perfectly for one person may not serve the same purpose for your needs. Follow us through this article and I’ll try my best to answer each possible query and compare ClearLidz and freedom Jeep tops.

The freedom top and the ClearLid top are somewhat similar in terms of some features. However, ClearLidz have an overall edge over the Jeep freedom hardtop headliner. Some of the features of both have been listed below.

UV Protection

The freedom top is like a hard top, but can be rolled back. It gives you more freedom to enjoy the direct sunlight and the breeze. The only problem is that what started as an intimate ride with your sweetheart or a buddy as a vroom down a country road can end up as a red-blistered ouch-fest in just under an hour or so.

The ClearLidz is a transparent polycarbonate that provides full-fledged, complete UV protection. Worry no more and enjoy unlimited overhead visibility without the sunburn or the sizzle..


The Jeep freedom tops are heavy and sturdy. They are much like the hard tops when pulled down, so it quickly heats up inside on a warm sunny day. But you can’t really put it on or take it off on your own. It takes time and an appointment as your local dealer, and of course some moulah to get it done.

The ClearLid, however, is easy-on and easy-off accessory that doesn’t necessarily require a professional to put on or take off. It’s manufactured with a specially-formulated, light-filtering polycarbonate that significantly reduces the interior heat of your Jeep, keeping it, and you, a few notches cooler than the outside. You can enjoy the sun on your skin through the ClearLid without feeling sweaty and hot.


We’ve previously mentioned the freedom top feature of being able to roll back the top when desired. The constant wear and tear can tend to work away at the integrity of the material edges. This can result in leaks and water seeps in the interior after extended rolling and unrolling. This can result in leaks during a shower, a sudden snowstorm or overhead wash.

The ClearLid tops are specially made to be flexible and tough. Tough enough to put on and detach without issue over a thousand times, and without any noticeable wear and tear factor. Owing to the durable polycarbonate glass, there’s no chance that it will get loose from the edges like the freedom tops or end up leaking. The ClearLidz are leak proof, keeping you and your Jeep-loving crew cozy and dry.

The Clear ClearLid tops have yet another advantage over the freedom top, though. They stand up to long-term use without any real wear and tear. The quality and integrity of the ClearLidz material and construction, moreover, surpass all other soft tops. Furthermore, ClearLid tops are bulletproof, quicker and easier to install, reduce internal temperature, are very lightweight, offer greater visibility, are weatherproof, and shatterproof.

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Soft Top vs ClearLidz

Dear proud Jeep owner, imagine this:

It’s a beautiful summer day and you want to go out in your Jeep with your new ClearLidz Jeep top. You drive to your desired spot and relax. On the ride back, it rains, and you enjoy the view from the ClearLidz without getting wet. A great drive with no downside. In other words, a day well spent.

Now let’s change the Jeep top in the same scenario. Imagine a Jeep with a traditional soft top in the same weather. You are driving and suddenly you see tiny droplets of rain on your windscreen. It starts pouring and before you can find shade, you and your Jeep seats are now both getting drenched.

This is just one illustration of how the ClearLidz top compares in real-world situations.

The Soft Top / ClearLidz™ Comparison

There is a wide array of differences between the ClearLidz flexi-hard-top and available Jeep soft tops, with the former having an overall edge. Let’s highlight some of them in detail:

  • The Jeep top material used

A soft top for a Jeep, as the name suggests, is soft. It is made up of basic fabric which means that it will run down faster than a hardtop due to structural deterioration at the edges. Soft tops often last for a year or two, but stain and fray after a while.

However, a ClearLidz top is made up of a tough, flexible polycarbonate, a material used for making fighter jet canopies. Considering the high-grade material and advanced stitching, ClearLidz are one step ahead in terms of material and durability.     

  • Maintenance

Another problem with Jeep Wrangler soft tops is the maintenance factor. Owing to the material being fabric, they need regular care and cleaning. It’s a hassle to clean with soap and brush regularly, but not cleaning for a while leads to permanent staining. You could use petroleum products to take out the stains but that may reduce the shine as well the lifespan of the soft top material.

On the other hand, ClearLidz tops require little to no maintenance at all. All you need to do is wash it when you wash your Jeep and the top will remain all shiny and will look as good as new even after years. Cleaning can be more lax as there is no fear of staining from normal use.

  • Life expectancy

The soft tops have a life expectancy of around three to four years. Doesn’t sound that bad unless you compare it to the life expectancy of ClearLidz tops, that of which could very well serve for a lifetime as long as you take good care of it. The ClearLid is  virtually weatherproof. Rain, sleet, snow, and even the scorching sun won’t hinder this top’s longevity.

  • Installation

Again, another setback for Jeep Wrangler soft tops is that their installation is a bit tricky. It might take you around 3 hours or more to set up, and even then, there’s a risk that it will not be a good fit. The fabric could end up flapping in the wind noisily due to a bad fit, which will be a nuisance and a distraction from your outdoors trek.

ClearLidz tops are quick and simple to install, fit perfect for the Jeep model specified, and can be detached in just minutes. The instructions for both installation and removal are very easy to follow.

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Jeep Hard Top vs ClearLidz

If you have landed on this post, two things are almost certain, one that you are the proud owner of a Jeep and secondly, you can’t decide between a ClearLidz top and a hard top for it.

There are two possibilities, maybe you currently have an open Jeep or the last top you had is now damaged. This post explains how a ClearLidz Jeep wrangler top is different than a regular hard top. Follow this post, I’ll help you make up an informed decision regarding your next top. I will compare both sides by side for you so you can make a final choice,

Temperature control

The ClearLidz tops are made up of polycarbonate, which serves as a durable shielding as well as provides utmost insulation throughout the year. It keeps out the heat and the UV rays and protects you during the summers.

Hard tops are made up of thick material and warm up quickly from the inside. They are suitable for colder climates but for a day out in the sun? I don’t think so!


ClearLidz installation hardly takes an hour. All you need to do is place the LID on top of the windshield and snap the side beams. See how easy it is?

On the other hand, hard tops are not that easy to install. They are not only hard to install but also very time-consuming. The installation instructions for hard tops vary from Jeep to Jeep but the majority of the times you will need the help of an expert in the installation of the hard top.

Detachable tops

ClearLidz is easy to install and even easier to detach. The removal hardly takes any time. You don’t have to be an expert in Jeeps to figure the simple instructions manual out. LID tops can be removed to enjoy the sun kissing your skin or you could put it back if it’s raining too hard and you don’t want to be drenched. It’s all about your personal choice as well as weather conditions.

The hard top cannot be removed. Imagine a beautiful sunny day and you are out in the mountains in your Jeep. The top is blocking the view and the sun. Unfortunately, it’s permanent and there’s not much that can be done about it. So you cannot just remove the hard top, whenever you feel like it like you can with ClearLidz.

Rolling Windows

Windows rolling down seems like an insignificant detail, but an important decisive factor when selecting an ideal top for your Jeep. The windows for the ClearLidz can be rolled down easily to enjoy the wind and the drive. Plus it gives a good view but what about the view from the hard top of the Jeep? Is it good? Unfortunately, it’s nonexistent!

Which Jeep top to buy

You can probably see my inclination towards the ClearLidz tops in the article above. That is because I have been using a lot of Jeep wrangler tops for quite a time now. However, make sure to consider the above benefits before selecting the best choice for you.

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Jeep Frameless Soft Top vs ClearLidz

It’s not every day that you buy a new top for your Jeep Wrangler. Jeep tops are essential components of your Jeep and allow the Jeep owner to tailor your Jeep to personal taste to maximize enjoyment both on and off road. Jeep wrangler tops are typically categorized into various types each type offering something different from the other. This article states the difference between clear ClearLidz and both Jeep JK frameless tops.


Would you go for a frameless top or a Clearlidz top? There is no answer to this question unless you thoroughly study both Jeeps Wrangler tops. Choosing the ideal Jeep top for you solely depends on how you intend to use your Jeep. Let’s first highlight the main differences between the frameless tops and the Clearlidz top, so you can make an informed decision about what will best suit your needs and requirements.


The Clearlidz tops are made up of 6mm AR polycarbonate which is very strong, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, resilient, bulletproof and shatterproof. Therefore, you can be assured that the Clearlidz tops are very sturdy, durable, and will be there for you for the long haul. If used with care, they have a life expectancy of forever.

On the other hand, the frameless soft tops are made with fabric. Therefore, they don’t offer as much durability as ClearLid does. The life expectancy of the frameless tops is generally considered to be around 7-8 years, but that, too, totally depends on how you use them.

Assembling the ClearLidz™ Top

The Clearlidz tops are fixed. They can be custom made for your Jeep. Some custom-made ones come with built-in UV protection, tinted, bulletproof, and more. As for the frameless ClearLidz top, though they are nice to look at, the tedious process of putting them up and taking them down wastes a lot of time.


As mentioned earlier, the Clearlidz tops are a perfect fit for most Wrangler Jeep models (JK, TJ and JL). They are specially customized according to the Jeep model and statistics. Owing to a custom fit, there is no leakage far less wear and tear than a soft top.

On the other hand, the frameless tops, since they don’t have a frame, require certain cloth to be stretched when put on the Jeep – a big hassle over time. Wrangler owners using frameless tops often suffer from leakages during the rain, sleet and snow.


Aesthetically, ClearLidz tops are one of the most beautifully designed Jeep Wrangler tops available. They are extremely affordable when you tally up the features of these tops and realize that you have made a good bargain.

The frameless tops are quite expensive compared to the ClearLidz top. Frameless tops aren’t as durable as clear ClearLidz, and this should be factored into the price as a hidden extra cost short term as replacement becomes necessary.

Final word

It’s not every day that you buy a Jeep top. If you are spending a handsome amount on any Jeep top, you would probably expect it to last a lifetime.  Considering the options, features, and affordability, the transparent 180-degree view ClearLidz top clearly stands out (see what we did there).

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