ClearLidz is a USA Manufacturer of the most advanced Panoramic freedom style top for Jeeps
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Fun is the true mother of all Jeep innovation. The ClearLidz™ is a clear example of this truth in action.

We set about designing a Jeep hard top that would be unusually light, and yet highly resilient and durable. It also needed to be easy to install and remove and provide solid protection against sudden showers and the sun’s relentless summer rays. While the available Jeep tops were either heavier, all-enclosed, cocoon-like hard tops or a more delicate piece of canvas, they knew they wanted something both sturdier than canvas, and more protective than going topless, but with full 180° visibility overhead while enjoying off-roading.
The ClearLidz ™ design needed a super-light, but super-durable material to go with the tough-and-ready expectations of the typical Jeep owner. High-resilience, impact-resistant poly-carbonate easily fit the bill-the same material used for F-18 fighter jet canopies. With the strength test met, they then customized the poly-carbonate formula to include UV-filtering inhibitors that reduce in-vehicle temperatures by avoiding most of the heat factor of a sunny day under normal transparency conditions.

Now the Sun was tamed, but what about those surprise summer showers? The design next integrated a micro-gutter system that would eliminate most of the rain water rather than funnel the water into the JEEP interior. Now a summer rain gave us a little sprinkle, not a full-on shower. And in colder weather, snow and sleet would no longer become a show-stopper. This thing was becoming all-weather-resistant. We are excited about the higher-adventure driving potential for the average Jeep enthusiast.

Jeep Enthusiasts Know Jeeps Best. The ClearLidz™ is designed by Jeep owners craving more freedom off and on-road. Freedom to enjoy their Jeeps anywhere, anytime. The lightweight ClearLidz™ slides easily into place and fastens quickly and securely, making it a bonafide Jeep accessory, not a lengthy long-term modification. The ClearLidz™ fastener system is designed to fit precisely onto the factory windshield frame. When installing on an already topless Jeep TJ or the hard top of a JK / JKU or JL / JLU, the ClearLidz™ top is good to go in just minutes. No winches needed!

The ClearLidz™ is manufactured by our trusted industrial-tested team, a fully permitted and licensed manufacturing facility that fully complies with the following industry manufacturer laws:

  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act

The ClearLidz™ is manufactured in full compliance with all regulatory standards to minimize environmental impact of the environment, our neighbors, and our team employees.